Olympic Champion Kenenisa Bekele Will Run Paris Marathon

Hero from my mother land…


What movie best describes your experience as a student right now? Explain your choice.


I bealive Long Walk To Freedom describes my experience as a student.The movie is about the “freedom fighter” Nelson Mandela.He is an amazing man who has been through more trials than I could ever imagine, and he faced all problems with such strength. I am glad I know more about his history and his life as a “freedom fighter,”.This film gave me greater appreciation for Africans. Especially, black for South Africans. However, it was a long, long, long, long walk to freedom.Unfortunately,I saw the movie more than 5x ,but i still can’t stop to watch it 🙂 and I would have given up. The relationship between the movie and my personal experience as a student is ,the movie preaches about struggle,fight,hope,unity and freedom. Personally, this movie techs me the importance of hard work ,patience and how to be successful and achieve  personal goal .